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3M ESPE Pedodontic Anterior Strip Crown Forms, 915100

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* Automatically contours restorative material to match natural dentition
* Strips off easily leaving a smooth surface
* Thin interproximal walls allow for tight contacts
* Provides sufficient strength for easy handling
* Ideal for use with chemical or light-cured composites
* Crown set is packaged in a unique, stackable tray that provides convenient, easy storage
* 3M ESPE Pedodontic Anterior Strip Crown Forms are refabricated, transparent strip crowns for primary anterior applications, ideal for use with chemical or light-cured composites. Refills of individual primary anterior strip crowns are available in boxes of five

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* Crown Shape: Central
* Dentition: Primary
* Mandible: Upper
* Material: HSE Plastics and Glass
* Patient: Pediatric
* Product Type: Crown
* Size: Set
* Suggested Applications: Pediatric anterior crown applications

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