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Advanced Biotech Hemocoll - Hemostatic agent (0.25 gm)

Quick Overview

Features :
* Controls bleeding and stabilizes blood clots (with in 2 to 5 mins).
* Protects wound bed.
* Helps in regeneration of lost tissue.
* Resorbable in 3-4 weeks.
* Faster healing Process.

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Specifications :
* Hemocoll is high purity type I reconstitued Collagen to be used in Extraction sites and Biopsy sites.
* Hemocoll is a 100% bio-active native collagen hemostat. Unlike passive hemostats, Hemocoll collagen fibres physiologically interacts with the body's own clotting mechanisms to stop bleeding.
* The result is a quick cessation of bleeding that is achived more rapidly and more effectively than either Gelfoam or surgical.
* The high purity collagen fibres, Hemocoll naturally attracts and aggregates platelets, enhancing the clotting process better than the partially denatured or gelatinized microfiber Hemocoll does not require thrombin to enhance its efficacy.

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