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A Dental Tool and A Method to Measure Angle Between the Soft Palate and Hard Palate

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Features :
* e-Auction called by : Kalam Institute of Health Technology
* e-Auction Type NonExclusive
* e-Auction Number : NE/KIHT/20019
* TRL : 4
* e-Auction Description of Work : A Dental Tool and A Method to Measure Angle Between the Soft Palate and Hard Palate
* Base Price 300000.00
* Licenses 20
* e-Auction Date / Time : 31-08-2018 10:52

* In Prosthodontics in dentistry, one of the most important aspect of complete denture fabrication is to classify the soft plate according to the angle it makes with the hard palate.
* (Class I: 25o-450, Class II: 45o-700, Class III: >70o. This will help to establish an ideal posterior palatal seal which is needed for the retention of the denture.
* Till date, this procedure is done subjectively by the clinician roughly estimating the angulation.
* The problem arises especially for teaching undergraduate and post graduate students as they find it extremely difficult to decipher the correct angulation based merely on visual inspection.
* Hence there is a need for an objective measurement of the angle soft palate makes with the hard palate
Need and Demand :
* As the instrument makes assessment objective it is a more valid tool for measurement.
* Undergraduate and postgraduate students can use the instrument in assisting them to classify the soft palatal angulation
* Clinicians can make a better judgement of the soft palatal angulation and can plan the design of posterior palatal seal
* Can be used as a tool for research in areas like sleep apnoea, palatal insufficiencies etc.
Market Access Information

* Between 2015 and 2050, the proportion of the world's population over 60 years will nearly double from 12% to 22%. As per WHO survey.
* In India, with its population of over one billion people, people older than 60 years constitute 7.6% of the total population, which amounts to 76 million
Future Developments

* LASER engraved angulation markings for accurate measurement

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Specification :
* Electric Toothbrush with Customisable Handle for Patients with Cerebral Palsy

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