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A foam ice pack and a method of preparing thereof

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Features :
* e-Auction called by : Kalam Institute of Health Technology
* e-Auction Type NonExclusive
* e-Auction Number : NE/KIHT/20036
* TRL : 3
* e-Auction Description of Work : A foam ice pack and a method of preparing therof
* Base Price 300000.00
* Licenses : 20
* e-Auction Category : Prototype Transfer
* e-Auction Date / Time : Date : 31-08-2018 10:55

Need and Demand :
* Various kinds of cold packs are available in the market that soothe pain and reduce swelling. Many people have found them to be effective. In addition to soothing pain, these cold packs are crucial in providing relief to patients and improving their quality of life in case of illness or post-surgery.
* A variety of ice packs prepared with different ingredients exist in the market. Although in India, such ice packs are not given to patients as they are quite expensive. Thus, ice cubes are given to patients due to their cost-effectiveness.
* The drawbacks of conventional ice packs are that they are inconvenient to use, less effective and non-recyclable. As the ice melts, water starts to drip, drenching the patient s clothes thus causing discomfort.
* Further, ice packs are less effective once the ice is exposed to room temperature or applied against the skin. The ice starts to melt faster, as these ice packs are not insulated enough to keep them functional for a long period of time.
* Under normal conditions, ice begins to melt when the surrounding temperature rises above its freezing point, 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius). Apart from the above, several other factors can also cause ice to begin melting, even at very low temperatures. Adding salt or even sugar causes normally stable ice to begin melting, either until the added substance is sufficiently diluted or the surrounding temperature lowers to the freezing point of the new solution. Consequentially, conventional ice packs are less productive and non-recyclable.
* To overcome the shortcomings of the conventional ice packs given in India s hospitals, there is the need of an ice pack, which is not only cost effective, but also more efficient, recyclable and safe for use.

Market Access Information
* At present, many university hospitals do not use ice packs. Instead, they use ice wrapped in a glove bag which inspired me to work on this idea. Large private hospitals and dental clinics will charge high prices for ice packs or will ask you to buy them from outside vendors.
* The manufacturers below sell ice packs at competitive prices.
- Gel Frost Packs - Kalyani Enterprises, Chennai
- Snow Gel Ice Pack - Oceanic Healthcare, Coimbatore
- D S Polar Packs - D S Enterprise, Bengaluru

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Specification :
* A foam ice pack and a method of preparing thereof

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