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A Grossing Cover

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Features :
* e-Auction Description of Work : A Grossing Cover
* e-Auction Type : Exclusive
* e-Auction Number : E/KIHT/10004
* TRL : 4
* Base Price : 450000.00
* e-Auction Date / Time : 30-11-2018 15:59

* Primary prevention from harmful formalin vapors reducing direct exposure
* Portable detoxification mechanism with very less production cost and excellent marketability.
* First generation of Grossing covering.

Need & Demand :
* Formalin is a known allergen and carcinogen with irritability to eyes, skin, and respiratory mucosa. It is also known to cause reproductive toxicity.
* Histopathologists, embalmers, teaching institutions, hospitals, routinely use formalin during histopathology grossing.
* Grossing covering minimizes harmful occupational vapor hazard of formalin with a novel approach through an engineered equipment alongside other equipments in the histopathology laboratory setup.

Market Access Information :
* It s a first of its kind in the healthcare setup to prevent occupational hazards of formalin.
* Several studies indicate a need for an innovative detoxification system to prevent formalin toxicity
Future Developments :
* Incorporate Artificial intelligence in the second generation of the equipment.
* Make histopathological grossing handsfree and non toxic.

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A Grossing Cover

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