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A Method For Simulating Orthodontic Treatment

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* e-Auction Description of Work : A Method For Simulating Orthodontic Treatment
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* It is a system and method for effective analysis of facial skeleton of a person in order to determine the facial esthetics and harmony. It us This method uses a scan wherein the teeth, Periodontal ligament and bone are separated.
* The teeth are isolated and arranged in a way to simulate the final desired outcome. This system uses well accepted cephalometric norms as guidelines. es a lateral cephalograms and custom software for analyzing different anatomic structures by calculating the angles, perimeter and area of the triangles that are formed between different anatomic landmarks.
Need & Demand :
* The demand for orthodontic correction of teeth has increased exponentially. However, the final outcome cannot be predicted. This method of simulating orthodontic treatment allows the planning of the desired final position of the teeth.
Market Access Information :
* Global market for orthodontics is USD 7 billion.
Future Developments :
* Although all orthodontic cases are not planned now, patient demand will make it mandatory for all cases in future

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A Method For Simulating Orthodontic Treatment

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