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A Modular Hip Joint Wear Simulator

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Features :
* e-Auction Description of Work : A Modular Hip Joint Wear Simulator
* e-Auction Type : NonExclusive
* e-Auction Number : NE/KIHT/20064
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* Base Price : 460000.00
* e-Auction Date / Time : 30-11-2018 16:02

* An indigenous facility was designed and developed to study tribological characteristics of a novel bearing assembly used in total joint arthroplasty. The test facility features a modular design for wear testing of hip joint, knee joint, Intervertebral Spinal Disc and other joints.
* It can also be extended to test Prosthetic and Orthotic devices. It is capable of testing devices as per ISO 14242, ISO 14243, ISO 18192 and ISO 10328 standards. The modular and universal design is extendable and serviceable and has 3 servo controlled independent rotations and top vertical loading.
Need & Demand :
* Indian Society of Hip and Knee Surgeons (ISHKS) has reported 1,70,598 TKA and 14,568 THA surgeries performed in India till 2017.
* The number of total joint arthroplasty procedures has steadily increased worldwide over the past 10 years. In the United States alone, over 5,00,000 total knee and hip replacements are performed annually and nearly 80,000 total joint devices are revised every year, representing over 15% of all total joint surgeries performed.
* The number of revised surgeries has increased at about the same rate as primary surgeries, and the majority of revisions are due to prosthesis failures and hence the demand in extensive testing of implants.
* World Health Organization(WHO) estimated that 130 million people will suffer from osteoarthritis and 40 million people will be severely disabled by osteoarthritis by 2050
* About 190 million adults and 93 million children experience significant difficulties in functioning.
* In India, 20% of disabled population have movement related disability which accounts for about 53 lakhs and is increasing annually since 2011

Market Access Information :
* Joint Reconstruction Device market size was valued over USD 16.7 billion in 2017 and is expected to witness 3.7% CAGR from 2018 to 2024
* The global Prosthetics and Orthotics market size was estimated at USD 8.15 billion in 2017 and it is expected to reach USD 12.28 billion by 2025, exhibiting a 5.1% CAGR
Future Developments :
* Easy conversion from one wear testing unit to another without any problem
* Testing of any novel bearing assembly to screen the product
* Simulate the failure condition of any implant
* Integration of other testing unit without affecting the major function of the system

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A Modular Hip Joint Wear Simulator

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