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A novel flexible splinting material for stabilizing mobile/fractured teeth

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Features :
* e-Auction called by : Kalam Institute of Health Technology
* e-Auction Type NonExclusive
* e-Auction Number : NE/KIHT/20028
* TRL : 4
* e-Auction Description of Work : A novel flexible splinting material for stabilizing mobile/fractured teeth
* Base Price 500000.00
* Licenses 20
* e-Auction Category Prototype Transfer
* e-Auction Date / Time : 31-08-2018 10:53

* A periodontal splint is an appliance designed to immobilize and stabilize mobile teeth for promoting healing, chewing and providing comfort to the patient.
* The conventional splinting techniques consume a lot of chair-side time, as the splint material are difficult to manipulate and adapt.
* The clinician has to adapt the splinting material (wire /fiber) according to the contour tooth of the teeth along with the placement to the composite to secure the splint for stabilization.
* There is an urgent need to simplify this splinting process by delivering the splinting material and adhesive composite resin at the same time in the desired direction.
* The present invention aims to develop a novel photo-activated splint material that automatically adopts onto the tooth without any need for additional composite placement and adjustment.
* The fiber splint is impregnated with an adhesive resin and delivered through an especially designed delivery system as described below.
Need and Demand :
* India is one of the fastest growing dental markets in the world.
* The amount of geriatric patient is constantly rising.
* Therefore, the need to stabilize the mobile teeth will rise tremendously.
* The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has estimated that 47.2% of the total population above the age of 65 years globally suffers from some kind of periodontal disease.
* Thus, with the rise in periodontal diseases globally, the need to use periodontal splint would grow exponentially in near future.
* The splint would helpful for stabilizing the avulsed or fractured teeth in children and adult after a fall or a road traffic accident.
* It can used for temporary stabilization of pontic before the final prosthesis is ready.
Market Access Information 
* With over 5000 dental laboratories and 297 dental institutes, it is predicted, India is one of the fastest growing dental markets in the alongside China in the world.
* The overall market size of the Indian dental market is approximately $2 billion (Approx. 13,000 Crores) with a market growth rate of 20% YOY.
* The dental market in India is expect to grow at a rate of 20-30 %, with investment groups building multispecialty hospitals offering general dentistry and specialist treatments.
* The global dental market is expected rise to cross US $ 60 million mark due to the oral demand and awareness of dental care and rising disposable income of people globally.

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Specification :
* A novel flexible splinting material for stabilizing mobile/fractured teeth

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