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A Patient Shifting/ Transfer System

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Features :

* e-Auction Description of Work : A Patient Shifting/ Transfer System
* e-Auction Type : NonExclusive
* e-Auction Number : NE/KIHT/20090
* Base Price : 3,50,000
* e-Auction Date / Time : 01-02-2019 15:17
* TRL : 3

* A simple, linear, adjustable and affordable technology implementing portable low-cost system for transferring patients between rest units with minimum physical contact that eliminates the occurrence of secondary injuries, and reduces manual labour for the workers involved during the transfer. A system that is operable on both sides, can be used in scenarios where space is a constraint, match with height levels of the stretcher and does not require clothing material to collect and deliver the patients.
* The system provides a retrofit patient shifting mechanism where a patient is automatically shifted from one stretcher to another with the assistance of just one person. It reduces jerks, and also to reduce spinal and neck injuries while shifting the patient. Moreover, it reduce the back ache and spine related issues of the staff involved in shifting due to repetitive manual shifting of patients.
a) This retrofit mechanism can be fitted on to any of existing stretcher to convert it into a patient shifting stretcher.
b) Efficient moving of a patient between two beds without bending or causing discomfort to any part of the patient s body.
c) It provides opportunity to shift patients without manual lifting, unlike the existing shifting mechanisms.
d) It ensures there is no movement of the patient while shifting people between different rest units.
e) It facilitates transfer of people of all ages, of different heights and weights, experiencing normal health issues to highly complicated problems.
f) The two-way slider mechanism enables to transfer the patient through both sides of the stretcher, extending its more adaptive nature in unique user case studies.
g) The patient slides onto the system without any relative motion causing no pain during the patient transfer.
h) The timing pulley and the timing belt mechanism introduced make it work efficient, without slipping while transferring.

Need & Demand :
* In most of the cases, involving emergency conditions or various surgical procedures, the patients undergo single or multiple transfer from one stretcher to another inside the hospital. Therefore, the most common transfer of all is that between the stretcher and the patient rest bed. Even after witnessing lot of improvements in medical field in our country, the innovations in areas of patient handling is not substantial.
* In most of the Hospitals, patient handling / shifting is carried out by the unskilled staffs who does the job physically. Furthermore, currently there are no effective low cost transfer mechanisms available, they either lift or drag the patient as a part of transferring patients from one stretcher to another. Most of the time, this manual shifting results in occurrence of secondary injuries from primary injury. This procedure is not only inconvenient to the patients but also poses work related health problems for the employees. In order to facilitate the hospital employees with easy transfer of patients at the same time increase the safety and comfort of the patient, the whole procedure of transferring patients needs to be made more effective.

Market Access Information :
* The patient access solutions market is expected to reach USD 1.74 Billion by 2022 from an estimated USD 1.14 Billion in 2016, at a CAGR of 7.6%

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A Patient Shifting/ Transfer System

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