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A self-holding suction tube in dentistry

Quick Overview

Features :
• e-Auction called by : Kalam Institute of Health Technology
• e-Auction Type : NonExclusive
• e-Auction Number : NE/KIHT/20033
• TRL : 4
• e-Auction Description of Work : A self-holding suction tube in dentistry
• Base Price : 300000.00
• Licenses : 20
• e-Auction Category : Prototype Transfer
• e-Auction Date / Time : 31-08-2018 10:56

• There is a need for a hands-free dental suction device which omits continuously holding either by the dentist/ assistant or the patient.
• The self-held device simplifies the positioning of the suction tube in the patient mouth and in a more stable manner so that the dentist can focus on the dental procedure, as well as maintaining optimum suctioning throughout the procedure.
• This new self-holding suction device comprises of a triangular clip and a moldable U-shaped suction tube that is attached to both the ends of the triangular clip.
• The triangular clip is flexible and passively holds on to the angle of the mouth thus preventing displacement of suction tube to an undesirable position.
• The moldable U-shaped suction tube has serrated rings design at the end to facilitate adjustment of suction tube.

Need and Demand :

• Dental procedures with advanced technology require customized suction devices to counter profuse irrigation.
• Facilitates a dentist to perform dental procedure without the help of auxiliary assistance.
• Pave the way for a paradigm shift from four hands to two hands dentistry that will ultimately reduce treatment costs for patient.
• Suction device can be set to a designated position throughout the procedure minimizing any distraction of the operating dentist
Future Developments
• The entire U shaped tube can be made of serrations thus increased modifiability.
• Sensor can be incorporated on the tip of the suction tube that will activate suction mechanism in presence of fluid and debris
• Manufacturing of the self-holding suction device can be done by CAD – CAM technology to minimize the cost

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Specification :
• A self-holding suction tube in dentistry.

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