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A system and method for identification of proteins in unstained PAGE (1D and 2D) by laser induced autofluorescence

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* e-Auction Description of Work : A system and method for identification of proteins in unstained PAGE - 1D and 2D - by laser induced autofluorescence
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* The present invention provides a method of identifying proteins in unstained 1D and 2D PAGE by laser-induced autofluorescence at 281nm excitation.
* The method comprises isolating cellular proteins, separation of cellular proteins in SDS-TCEP PAGE (1D/2D), and recording of autofluorescence spectra of protein spots in unstained gel using laser induced autofluorescence and a Matlab based software developed.
* Protein fingerprint in PAGE gel is generated based on the recorded auto fluorescence comprising autofluorescence intensity, emission wavelength along with the protein information covering molecular weight and isoelectric point.
* The software is configured to represent fluorescence intensity of proteins in grayscale, wavelength of protein in colors and the protein spots through symbols and analyses fluorescence intensity, wavelength, molecular weight and isoelectric point of protein spots
Need and Demand :
* Qualitative and quantitative protein assessment are essential pre-requisite for proteome analysis. PAGE is one of the widely used biochemical techniques for the separation and detection of complex mixtures of proteins.
* Conventionally, for precise detection and quantitation of proteins, specialized stains, fluorescent dyes, radioisotopes or enzyme reactions are required and some of these have their own drawbacks, resulting in chemical modification and interference in the identification process as well as in the functional studies by mass spectrometry.
* Further, staining and tagging of the proteins before the electrophoresis could alter their molecular mass and isoelectric point, which in turn may interfere with 2-diminesional separation and mass spectrometric analysis.
* Radio labeling of proteins and their separation is sensitive but less preferred due to the stringent handling, disposal requirements and harmful effects. Although silver staining is one of the sensitive techniques for protein visualization, less efficiency in staining of acidic proteins, interference with the mass-spectrometric analysis and time-consuming staining procedure are major drawbacks.
* One of the major disadvantages of separating proteins in single dimension PAGE is the inability to separate and detect co-migrating proteins due to similar molecular weights.
* Hence, there is a need to develop a stain/tag free, inexpensive, sensitive and rapid technique for the detection of proteins by PAGE

Future Developments
* Portable LED induced autofluorescence with same wavelength of excitation
* Robust and automated detection/analysis tool

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Specification :
* A system and method for identification of proteins in unstained PAGE (1D and 2D) by laser induced autofluorescence

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