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Adult Vein Detector with free Paediatric Vein Detector

Quick Overview

Adult Vein Detector:
• Affordable
• Lightweight
• Suitable for All Age & Skin Type
• Compact / Pocket Size
• Black Color Enclosure
• Radiation Free
• Ultra Bright Lights (Note: Avoid Light From Eyes)Torch shape o led vein finder
Paediatric Vein Detector:
• Baby and Neonatal vein finder
• Torch shape o led vein finder

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* Adults Vein Detector
* 20 LED ( 10 RED & 10 Orange)
* 2 AA Battery Included
* 90% Accurate Results

* Pediatric Vein Detector for palm (Note: color and model may vary)
* This product is used on infants and new born patients up-to age of 12 months and pediatric patients up-to age of 15 years
* Can access cubital vein by keeping it on dorsal side and lateral view is very clear, principle of this product is when infrared led light is reflected on oxygenated hemoglobin into veins, it is reflected with shadow and can view easily veins superficially
* Includes Cardboard box with White cap of torch and USB Charger

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