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Advanced Biotech Healiguide (15 x 20 mm)

Quick Overview

Features :
* Better than ePTFE barrier membrane due to its bio resorptive nature.
* Superior to other collagen membranes because of high purity and better bio compatibility.
* The bone *graft* provides support for the membrane.
* The bone *graft* facilitates clot stabilization .
* The membrane guides favourable healing .
Packing Details
* Each box contains 1 Vial.

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Specifications :
* Healiguide is a thin sheet made of high purity Type-I collagen derived from selected animal tissues and purified using a patented American technology.
* The additional charge modifications and slight calcifications of collagen helps for proper guided bone tissue regeneration.
* Healiguide is a unique and different from other native collagen membranes that are known to facilitate fibrogenesis over osteoconduction.
* Its complete resorbability eliminates any need for a second surgical procedure as in the case of nonresorbable membrane

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