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Advanced Biotech Osseograft (2 x 0.25 gm)

Quick Overview

Features :
* High purity Type-I collagen
* Essential for tissue regeneration and remodeling
* Traditionally used space filler for any bone defect
* Totally resorbable within 6-12 weeks
Generally the material is totally resorbed with-in 6-12 weeks. It is possible to modulate the resorption time to the regenerative need by changing the powder- fluid ratio.
Many bone defects are large, and extensive amounts of material are required. The high cost of other effective bone regenerative materials may discourage their utilization. OSSEOGRAFT/DMBM is relatively in-expensive for even large defects.
The resulting material after admixing with water becomes an excellent scaffold through its 250micron particle size and the porosity for the growth of new blood vessels and Osteongenesis. New bone deposition occurs simultaneously with material resorption. The American patented technology adds better bio compatibility and bio activity for this Osseograft.
The human clinical results at 4 months show a good outcome in terms of complete bone regeneration and representation of the implanted OSSEOGRAFT/DMBM. The resulting product is proven effective over any pure inorganic compounds of calcium or other mineral only graft materials.
Often it is difficult to shape and place bone filling materials. Irregular defect shapes often lead to the dislodgement and exposure of the regenerative material. OSSEOGRAFT/DMBM has a natural cohesiveness to form a sticky consistency and can be easily placed to accommodate to the shape.

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Specifications :
* High purity Type-I collagen derived from bone is essential for tissue regeneration and remodeling in any osseous defect. Osseograft/DMBM is one such de-mineralized bone matrix derived Type-I collagen for bone void filling applications.
* Space Maintainer:
* De mineralized bone matrix (DMBM) is a traditionally used space filler for any bone defect. Osseograft is a bio-compatible demineralized bone derived Type-I collagen for bone space filling purposes. It may be considered better bio-active than any mineral grafts.
* The product is sterilized by ethylene oxide gas
* Store at ambient temperature ( 4 to 40 degree C or 39 to 104 degree F)
* Available as 2 vials of 0.25 gm each

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