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Advanced Biotech Osseomold (2 x 0.25 gm)

Quick Overview

Features :
* Space Maintainer
* Totally resorable
* Osteo-inductive & osteoconductive
* Cost effective
* Easy to use
* Indication / Usage of Product : Resorbable bone filler, FLAP SURGERY (BONE LOSS), IMPLANT, SINUS LIFT & RIDGE AUGUMENTATION
Packing Details
* Each box contains 2 Vials.

* Each Vial contains 0.25gm totally 0.5gm

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Specifications :
* xenograft Material,DMBM along with calciumsulphate and hemi-hydrate.(Powder Forms)
* Over 100 years of research, experimentation and use has demonstrated that calcium sulphate enhances bone regeneration and is totally bio-compatible and resorbable.
* At the same token, High purity Type-I collagen also is essential for tissue regeneration and remodelling. Osseomold consists both materials admixed in proper proportions to give the best biological and mechanical features for bone regeneration

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