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Alan CO2 Insufflator 45 Ltrs ALINCO-45

Quick Overview

• Advanced micro controller based technology
• Works with wide input range
• No need of stabilizer due to wide operating range design
• Independent display for set pressure and actual pressure in bar graph and digital display
• Independent display for set flow and actual flow in bar graph and digital display
• Cylinder pressure bar graph display
• Separate display for Total volume (CO2 consumption in liters)
• 9 User program memories for different surgeries as per Surgeon's preference
• Real-time pressure and flow control
• Redundant excess pressure release system for maximum safety
• Power up self-test to ensure unit healthiness
• Easy flow * Start/Stop* control
• Separate key for volume reset
• Ergonomic design
GMDN: 16849
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• Wide Input Supply: 88VAC ~ 275 VAC (50/60Hz)
• Max. Flow 45 LPM
• Flow setting range 0.1 to 45 LPM
• Pressure setting range 1 to 30mmHg
• Digital and bargraph display for flow and pressure
• Real-time leakage compensation
• Built-In Gas Warmer
• Works directly with High Pressure CO2 Cylinder (70 bar Max)
• Works with centralized CO2 connection also
• Excess pressure release system
• Weight 7 Kg (Max)

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