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Appasamy SupraPHOB - Toric IOL

Quick Overview

* Ultraviolet Filtering Chromophores for better protection of Retina from UV light
* State of the art technology of SupraphobToric makes sure that its optical performance is equal to that of a natural, young, crystalline lens
* The BLUE BLOCKING YELLOW feature prevents ARMD
Astigmatism Correction
* Supraphob Toric s Astigmatism correction IOL is available from +10.00D to +30.00D; the difference between any two Dioptres being 0.50D
* The AppaToric IOL calculator compensates for the expected Surgically Induced Astigmatism and directly impacts the amount of and/or the axis of Post-Incisional Astigmatism that has to be corrected
Toric IOL Calculator
* Considers the effect of Incision Location and Surgically Induced Cylinder to make a more precise calculation
* Determines the correct IOL model and Optimal Axis Placement of the IOL in the capsular bag

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* Overall Length: 13.00 mm
* Optic Diameter: 6.00 mm
* Haptic;Dual Haptic, 0° angulation prevents rotation after implants
* Optic Design:Biconvex, Aspheric Toric on anterior surface
Diopter Range
* Spherical:10.00D to 30.00D (0.5D increment)
* Cylinder:1.50D to 6.00D
* Material:Hydrophobic Yellow Acrylic
* Refractive Index:1.497
* Delivery System Ready to inject preloaded system
* Special Features:Aspheric Optics with 360° Square Edge
* A Constant:118.0

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