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Avac Sodium Citrate 3.8 Vaccum Tube - Black , 1.6ml

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Features :
* When the draw volume is 1.6ml , it is used in blood specimen collection for sedimentation rate test in medical inspection.
* The mixing ratio is 1 part citrate solution to 4 part blood.
* When the draw volume is 1.6ml, it is used for D2010 ESR Analyser.
* Instructions: The 0.32ml sodium citrate solution with concentration OF 0.129MOL/L id added to central volume mark line and the total volume is 1.6ml.
* Invert tube 4-5 times to make the blood and additive mix totally after collection, then put in D2010ESR Analyzer and do reading in 30 minutes.

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Specifications :
* Avac Sodium Citrate 3.8 Vaccum Tube
* Cap Color: Black
* Specimen: Whole blood
* Draw Volume: 1.6 ml
* Size: 12 × 75 mm
* Material: Plastic
* Box of 100 pieces

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