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Bard Mesh L/P Bioresorb Coated Perm Mesh With Echo Ps Positioning System Oval 15.2cm-25.4cm

Quick Overview

Features :
* Mesh Preparation :
* Comes pre-attached with either Ventralight*! ST Mesh or Composix*! L/P Mesh.
* Designed to ensure that barrier protection is oriented towards viscera.
* Reduces mesh preparation time and user frustration.1
* Deployment :
* Does not require dedicated trocar.
* Potentially reduces patient trauma.
* Following mesh introduction, trocar is free to be used with other laparoscopic instruments.
* Positioning :
* Technique designed to center mesh over defect.
* Alleviates guesswork and facilitates centering.
* Compared to positioning with transfascial sutures, EchoPS*! Positioning System:
* Reduces mesh positioning by over 60%1
* Reduces procedure time variability by 84%1
* Fixation :
* Requires only one set of hands.
* Once positioned with the Echo PS*! Positioning System, mesh stays in place allowing the surgeon to use both hands for fixation.
* No assistance or handoff needed to hold mesh in place during fixation potentially leading to increased accuracy.
* Unique flexible balloon design.
* Allows mesh to conform to the abdominal wall.
* Occupies less intraabdominal space and is designed not get in the way of fixation.

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Specifications :
* Unqiue Design. Exceptional Performace. Significant Results.
* The Echo PS*! Positioning System is a low profile balloon that comes pre-attached to Ventralight*! ST Mesh or Composix*! L/P Mesh.
* When inflated, the Echo PS*! Positioning System facilitates the deployment of the mesh during laparoscopic ventral hernia repair.
* Upon completion of initial perimeter fixation, the balloon is deflated quickly and completely removed from the body.

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