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Bard Suretrans PVC Round Drain

Quick Overview

Features :
* Allows multiple transfusions with a single device, eliminating need for a second autotransfusion device
* Refer to the American Association of Blood Bank Standards for the current collection and reinfusion guidelines.
* Easy set up and use
* Convenient injection port allows administration of anticoagulant
* Internal 260 micron pre-filter removes debris and clots
* Attached Solcovac*! suction evacuator or wall suction with built-in vacuum limiter provides controlled suction
* Press a single button to quickly transfer the total volume of blood to the supplied blood bag

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Specifications :
* Delivering the benefits of autologous blood to patients
* SureTrans*! Autotransfusion system is an easy-to-use device providing simultaneous collection and reinfusion of autologous blood following orthopedic surgery.

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