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BD 1 ML BD Drihep(TM) A-Line(TM)

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* BD Vacutainer® Critical Care syringes can be used to measure arterial blood gas,ionized calcium, ionized magnesium, as well as perform critical care tests. BD A-Line*! and BD Preset*! syringes contain calcium-balanced lithium heparin spray dried on the sides of the syringe
* The BD Preset*! syringe permits both aspiration and preset sampling while the A-Line permits aspiration only
* Both syringe types can be used for the entire critical care panel of tests

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* BD A-Line*! syringe without needle
* Units of heparin: 30
* Tip type : Slip tip
* Pre-attached needle : Not Available
* Draw volume (mL) : 1.0

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