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Bioline Rotator

Quick Overview

• Rotating Table which rotates the Fogger clock wise and anti-clock wise for 300° at 1RPM.
• Input Power 1-Ø AC 230 V50 Hz.
• ULV (Ultra Low Volume) Fogger can be used both indoor and outdoor to eliminate germs.
• A versatile fogger for both water & oil based liquid chemical combinations.
• Powered by 3,000 RPM motor, one can be rest assured that the entire area will be disinfected / deodorized within a short span of time.
• Input power 1-Ø AC 230 V50 Hz

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USP Bio Fogger Rotating Table
• Area Coverage 100-4000 sq. fts.
• Particle size adjustable 5-20 microns
• Particle 12-20 Fts.
• Evaporation Capacity 1-10 Ltrs./Hn
• Gross weight (dry) 4 Kgs
• Time Setting 0-15 minutes
• Rotator 300º clock wise & Anti clock wise
• Time Display 2 Digit LED
• Power Single phase 230 V AC ± 5% 4.5 Amps

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