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BIOSENSE Bluetooth Integrated SmartPhone Enabled Glucometers


Quick Overview

• Hardware Integrated (Lancet device, Needles and Glucose strips can be stored in the Glucometer)
• Glucose strip Electrode contains an element called Ruthenium which has got highest sensitivity to pick up Glucose from the Blood
• Biosense SYNC is a Smart & All-in-one compact sized Glucometer designed for personal use. It is designed, developed and manufactured in India with most affordable glucose test strips available with it.
• Tracking sugar level is made easier and smarter with the Bluetooth technology. You can pair SYNC glucometer with Bluetooth and track all your test records in a simple graphical format.
• Biosense SYNC is an easy way to manage your blood glucose that empowers you to take charge of your life. Checking blood glucose was never this easy!

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• Bluetooth Enabled
• Instant Results: Glucose test result displayed in 5 sec.
• Lightweight and Portable: Hand held device weighing less than 90 grams
• Easy Use: Integrated design for all testing essentials into a pocket-sized package
• Affordable: India’s most Glucose strips
• Accurate: ISO 15197:2013 compliant
• Battery operated: Allows more than 1000 tests
• Sample Volume: 1 microliter of Capillary blood
• Battery operated: Allows more than 1000 tests
• Certification: CE, ISO 13485:2003, ISO 15197:2013 & tested by National Institute of Biologicals, Noida

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