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BIPAP Gen-I with S and T modes (RSM-B25T)

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Features* RSM-B Series offers the ultimate in sleep therapy comfort. It combines auto adjusting pressure delivery with the breathe-by-breath pressure relief of RESlex TM for most natural sleep therapy.
* It also can provide non-invasive ventilation for patients with respiratory insufficiency in the hospital or home.
* Innovative tracking technology ensures accurate and comfortable therapy.
* Unique sensitivity setting offers individual therapy algorithm, makes every user get the most comfort.
* RESlex TM performs better exhalation and compliance.
* Inspiration trigger for auto start-up
* Automatic stop after put off mask
* Alarm when accidental power-off
* In the time alert function when mask/ tubing off-line
* Automatic leakage and altitude compensation ensure the therapy accuracy anywhere

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* Dimensions: 220*194*112mm
* 313*194*112mm (with InH2 TM Heated Humidifier)
* Weight: < 2kg
* Integrated and knock-down designed InH2 TM heated humidifier
* DC 12V powered and infrared controlled humidifier make user safe and comfortable.

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