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Blood Transfusion Set - (TT-01)

Quick Overview

* Transparent and flexible.
* Super strong bevel- shaped spike for simple penetration.
* Kink resistant tubing.
* Effective roller controller for precise adjustment of the infusion rate.
* Drop size 20 drops/ml.
* Individually packed.
* Disposable non-toxic.
* Specially designed roller clamp for better flow control.
* Sharp spike vented (for bottles & bags) and non-vented (for plastic bottles) for better penetration. ISO 8536-4 compliant spike, ISO 594/1 & ISO 594/2 compliant end-connection.
* Superior quality of latex tube for self-sealing.
* Top quality needle.
* Available with or without air-vent.
* Non-toxic, Pyrogen Free & Sterilizede by ETO (Ethylene Oxide) Gas.

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* Blood Transfusion Set - (TT-01).
* 63* Bottle Needle Blood Administration Set Non-Vented, 16g x 1.25* Bottle Needle Single Slot with Cap/20 drops-ml/Drip Chamber 80mm/Blood Filter/ Tube Latex/Flow Regulator/Luer Tip Male Adaptor with Cap/Needle 18g x 1.5* with Protector/ 2.8mm x 3.8mm PVC Tubing-Length 135cm/Extra- Airway Needle 16g x 1.25* Single Slot Needle with Cotton and 5cm long Tube/EO Sterile/Poly Pack.
* Quantities per Carton = 500 pcs

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