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Buffalo Filter PlumePort ActiV Continuous Suction Laparoscopic Plume Filter with Luer connector-Sterile 10ft/3.0M - PP010CS

Quick Overview

Features :
* Active Smoke Plume Removal
Controlled management of smoke plume throughout the surgical procedure featuring flow control dial with one hand adjustability.
* Noiseless Operation
* Compact Housing Design
Contains built-in fluid trap, flow adjustment valve and filtration.
* Moisture Management
Built-in fluid trap to manage moisture throughout entire procedure.
* Integrated ULPA Filtration
Coupled with activated carbon to safely filter peritoneal plume.
* Universal Connectivity
Easily attaches to standard luer lock fittings and suction systems.
* Up to 50% More Flow
Provides greater flow than passive laparoscopic devices.

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Specifications :
* PlumePort® ActiV® is the first line of defense for safe, effective removal of surgical smoke plume during laparoscopic procedures.
* ActiV easily attaches to standard trocars and utilizes readily available suction systems providing noiseless operation.
* With a built-in fluid trap, moisture is effectively managed throughout the entire procedure to ensure uninhibited flow and prevent filter saturation without compromising the integrity of the filtration media.
* ActiV provides up to 50% more flow capability than passive laparoscopic filters while maintaining ULPA filtration and significantly outperforms competitive devices when exposed to high moisture environments. In addition to ULPA filtration, ActiV contains activated carbon known to adsorb gases.

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