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Buffalo Filter PlumePort SEO Laparoscopic Smoke Evacuator Tubing Kit with Orifice(Sterile) - PP012SEO

Quick Overview

Features :
* Active Smoke Removal
Controlled Management of plume throughout the surgical procedure via surgical smoke evacuator.
* Maximum Flow Control
Built-in calibration maintains peritoneal distention without OR personnel interaction.
* Adjustable Flow Rate
Allows flow adjustment via surgical plume evacuator.
* Universal Connectivity
Standard luer lock fitting and connects to most surgical plume evacuators.
* Up to 50% More Flow
Provides greater flow than passive laparoscopic devices.
* Latex Free

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Specifications :
* PlumePort® SEO easily connects from a standard trocar to a smoke plume evacuator for active, efficient, and safe removal of surgical smoke during laparoscopic procedures.
* Utilizing available surgical smoke evacuators and coupling it with this flow controlled device, PlumePort SEO provides fast and safe surgical smoke management while maintaining peritoneal distention without OR personnel interaction.

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