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Cerkamed CITRIC ACID 40% -200ML


Quick Overview

Features :
* CITRIC ACID 40% removes the smear layer which appeared during mechanical root canal treatment.
* It allows for revealing orifices of the dentinal tubuli orifices, precise cleaning of their inside from the pulp debris and then for precise sealant penetration.
* Citric acid is a substance common in the nature and completely safe for human health and for the environment
* It undergoes a complete biodegradation.
* For dental treatment it is recommended to use the solution of 30%-40% concentration

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Specification :
* citric acid 40%.
* 200g bottle
* Adapter.
* enhances mechanical cleaning of the root canal.
* Removes the smear layer from the walls revealing the dentinal tubuli orifices.
* Enables revealing, cleaning and precise filling of the canals

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