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Cerkamed GLUCO-CHEX 2% GEL 5ML


Quick Overview

Features :
* Gluco-CHeX 2% gel simplifies the root canal preparation and treatment, contains lubricants enabling easy introduction of the tool into the canal, preventing from its breakage.
* GLUCO CHEX 2% gel can be used as a temporary inlay.
* In order to make a temporary inlay mix calcium hydroxide with gel obtaining creamy consistency.
* Introduce the paste into the root canal and fill the canal tightly.
* Close the inlay tightly with a temporary filling.
* endodontic re-treatment if there is a suspected infection caused by Enterococcus faecalis or Candida albicans
* treatment of continuous inflammations of periapical tissues

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Specification :
* chlorhexidine digluconate 2%
* syringeof 5ml, 10ml
* dispenser
* connector
* set of applicators

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