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Features :
* Temporary root canal dressing used between appointments
* Treatment of infected root canals
* Dressing causing remineralisation of partially decalcified dentine
* Treatment dressing for indirect pulp capping, stimulating dentine bridge creation
* Anti-bacterial inlay for disinfecting canals during treatment of irreversible inflammations and necrosis of the pulp as well as continuous inflammations of the periapical tissues
* Inlay for disinfecting canals during treatment of irreversible inflammation and pulp necrosis
* Temporary root canal filling stimulating rebuilding of bones during treatment of continuous inflammation of periapical tissues
* Permanent root canal filling of the decisuous teeth
* Root canal filling for the roots broken in the alveolus
* Root apex filling used for so called biological closure of apical foramen of the tooth

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Specification :
* HYDROCAL is of a mix of calcium salts for making pastes and dental fillings.
* Calcium hydroxide 30%
* container of 10g

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