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CO2 Insufflator (20ltr with Heater) Endoflow 20H

Quick Overview

• New microprocessor controlled laproscopic insufflators meet all the requirement of modern laproscopic surgery.
• Stable pressure by high gas flow & low insufflations pressure.
• Various safety features & meets quality standards.
• Rapid delivery of gas & provide immediate response for all procedures.
• Advance high speed microcontroller technology,
• allow greater accuracy & measurement of CO2.
• Over pressure alarm & pressure release systems, help assure patient safety.
• Separate digital display for actual value and set value of pressure and flow rate.
• Display for actual gas consumption & temperature.
• Software controlled pressure release mechanism to prevents excess pressure build up in abdomen.
• CO2 insufflator has unique heating systems.
GMDN: 16849
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Standard Accessories:
• Power Cord – 1
• High pressure tube- 1
• Silicon Tube – 1
• Wrench -1

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