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Dashmesh HME Filter (Adult)

Quick Overview

Features :
* Longer service life
* Top in work
* Accurate dimensions
* Low maintenance
* Nominal costs

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Specifications :
* Dash Clarity HME Filter offer optimum solution for intensive care,designed for low breathing resistance with improved HME performance filtration up to 99.99% efficiency with 0.3 micron bacterial filter membrane
* Dash Clarity HME Filter have 22/15mm and coaxial 22M/15F ports meet international bio-compatibility standards.
* Dash Clarity HME Filter have transparent housing makes it easy to determine if replacement is necessary.
* Dash Clarity HME Bacteria Filter is available in standard ISO connections All Dash Clarity range of Product available in OEM / Contract Manufacturing / Customized Packing. CE & ISO Certified Company Product.

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