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Datascope Accutorr Pulseoximeter/Monitor (Refurbished)

Quick Overview

* Lightweight, portable with user-configurable technology Easy-to-read large numbers
* Dedicated controls which can be customized
* Easily configurable:
* Patient size
* Interval time
* Alarms
* Inflation pressure
* Audio level
* Temperature format
* Quick connect, single hose fittings
* Unique flexible databases
* IV pole/bed rail attachment
* Lithium Ion Battery
* Up to 8 hours run time without recharging
* Over twice the life cycles of sealed lead acid batteries Only 2 hours to fully recharge battery
* Non-intrusive Blood Pressure (NiBP) Monitor Stores up to 100 readings, instantly accessible Optional - Predictive thermometer module
* Optional - Printer module
* Masimo pulse oximetry.

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* Accuracy`:
Mean Error: Less than ±5 mmHg.
Standard Deviation: Less than ± 8 mmHg
* Range:
Adult Mode: 55 to 260 mmHg.
Pediatric Mode: 55 to 160 mmHg.
Neonatal Mode: 45 to 120 mmHg.
* Pulse Rate:
Range: 35 - 245 BPM for Adult and Pediatric / 70 - 245 BPM for Neonate.
Display Resolution: 1 BPM.
Accuracy: ±3 BPM or ± 3%, whichever is greater.
* Inflation Source: This Inflation Source is capable of supplying sufficient air to bring a volume of 700cc's to a pressure of 300 mmHg in no more than 35 seconds. If the cuff is not inflated to the desired pressure within 60 seconds, then the cuff is vented and a retry cycle is initiated.
* Leak Rate: With the bleed valve closed, the Maximum Pressure Drop is 10 mmHg in 90 seconds measured with a 700cc volume at a differential pressure of 250 mmHg.
* Cuff Vent Rate: When the unit is vented, a volume of at least 700cc's is reduced from a pressure of 250 mmHg to a pressure of 20 mmHg in a maximum of 14 seconds.

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