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Dental Equipment

Whether you’re looking to buy dental equipment to set up a new dental clinic or for your existing clinic, Medikabazaar has got you covered. We provide a large variety of dental equipment to fulfill all your needs. Dental equipment includes systems used for infection control protocols and can be divided into many categories that every dental practice needs in order to treat patients.

Following are some of the equipment we offer –

  • Dental Chair – they are a necessary purchase for a dental clinic. A dental chair is supposed to be comfortable both for the patient as well as the doctor. It is an electrically adjustable motorized recliner chair
  • Dental X-Ray – Radiographic imaging is an essential part of treatment planning at modern dental practice. It helps the doctor in finding out the cause of tooth problems
  • Handheld Devices – they are an essential tool in dental practice. They are useful in cavity preparation
  • Endomotors – are handheld devices used for Root Canal Treatment. They come in wired and wireless variants

Medikabazaar offers a large variety of dental equipment which is essential to provide specialized services such as Endodontics or oral surgery. There are a number of things to consider when buying dental equipment. If you have any queries reach out to us on our customer care number.

Medikabazaar is a B2B technology platform for supply of medical equipment and consumables to Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Clinics and Medical centers.