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Dental Instruments

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Dental Instruments

Dental instruments are tools that dentists use for examination, diagnosis, and treatment of teeth and surrounding structures. The field of dentistry makes use of various kinds of instruments that range from scalers to mouth mirrors. Medikabazaar offers a large variety of dental instruments which help dentists in carrying out successful procedures.

Some of the various dental instruments are mentioned below –

  • Mouth Mirror– used to examine the condition of teeth, gum, and mouth. Dentists are able to see in places which would otherwise be impossible. They are also used to reflect light on the desired surface
  • Probes – they are 3 types of probes, Straight probe, Briault Probe, and Periodontal probe. They are used to examine cavities, enamel, and measure gum pockets respectively
  • Scalers – they are used to remove tartar from teeth surface and gums
  • Excavators– used to remove softened fillings and dentine
  • Elevators – It is used to get between the tooth and the bone and when the force is applied, pressure on the jaw is relieved
  • Periosteal elevators– they are like standard elevators but have two heads, on each end of the tool, one head is sharp while the other is blunt

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