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Endodontic is a field of Dental science which focus on diseases related to the interior of the teeth, i.e. Dental Pulp. It includes diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of injuries and diseases of the dental pulp. Endodontics has evolved tremendously in the last decade and has immensely improved quality of dental treatment. In and endodontic treatment, the dentist would either preserve a part or all of the dental pulp or remove it in case there is an irreversible disease.

Endodontic treatment is commonly known as Root Canal Treatment (RCT). During this treatment, the pulp and the nerve are removed, and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed.

Following are few types of Endodontic instruments –

  • Pulp Testers– illustrate pulp health through vitality or sensibility tests
  • Apex Locators – measure the length of the root canal
  • Obturation Systems – provide a continuous and fast flow of filling materials via a cartridge system or a gun
  • Gutta-Percha– it is a thermoplastic material which is used to seal the root canal walls
  • Dental Files– they are used to clean and shape the root canal. They come in many variants, such as K-Files, H-Files, T-Files, etc.

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