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Dentsply Integrity Temp Grip - Temporary Crown and Bridge Material Cement

Quick Overview

Features :
* Temporary crown & bridge zinc oxide non-eugenol cement
* Smooth seating with a creamy feel and non-drip flow (flow of 27mm)
* Easy removal means cement stays in the crown, not on the tooth
* Short set time saves time for you and your patient
* Automix syringes with balanced base/catalyst viscosity assures the right mix
* Low film thickness with high compressive and flexural strength

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Specifications :
* Integrity® TempGrip*! Temporary Crown and Bridge Material Cement Zinc Oxide Non-Eugenol is a temporary cement used to lute indirect provisional (temporary) restorations or limited term cementation of final restorations.
* The physical properties have been optimized to allow secure retention of restorations, and to allow easy restoration removal and cleanup from restoration and tooth preparation.
* Integrity® TempGrip*! Cement is an automatically mixed two component material in 1:1 9g dual barreled syringe based on Zinc Oxide/organic acids. Due to its non-eugenol formulation, it does not influence the setting of resin based filling and luting materials

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