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Dentsply Zelgan 2002

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Features :
* Dentsply Zelgan 2002 is a dust-free irreversible hydrocolloid alginate impression material that can be used to make perfect preliminary dental impressions with excellent reproducibility of the anatomical features of the dental arches.
* This quality impression material can be used to make dental impressions to fabricate study models, models of the opposing arch and working models for the fabrication of orthodontic appliances, removable prostheses and temporary restorations.
* The Dentsply Zelgan 2002 dust-free alginate impression material is in compliance with the ISO 1563 and EN 21563.
* Special formulation of the powder, eliminates dust during mixing.
* This aids the clinician to make dental impressions of higher quality.
* To enhance the adhesion of the impression to the tray, alginate tray adhesive materials may be used.
* The impressions made from Zelgan 2002 retain accuracy for a considerable amount of time, provided if placed in a humidor maintaining at least 90% relative humidity.
* However, it is recommended to pour casts immediately or within 48 hours of making the impression.

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Specifications :
* Dust-free alginate impression material
* Complies with ISO 1563 and EN 21563
* Special formulation to eliminate dust during mixing

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