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Anesthesia & ICU Care

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Anesthesia and ICU Care

ICU or Intensive Care Unit is a specialized department in a hospital where seriously ill patients are treated. It caters to patients who are suffering from life-threatening injuries and illnesses, it requires constant and close monitoring by trained medical staff. Intensive care units have a higher staff-to-patient ratio.

Equipment that is used in an ICU can be as follows –

  • HME – the heat and moister exchange devices are used in mechanically ventilated patients, it prevents the complications due to drying of the respiratory mucosa. The device uses an HME filter , which removes the bacteria present in the hospital environment from entering the patient’s airway.
  • Ventilator – it’s a machine which helps the patients in breathing, a breathing tube is placed in the mouth, nose or through a tracheostomy (a small cut is made in the throat)
  • Feeding tubes – if a patient is unable to intake solid food, tubes are inserted through the patient’s nose or into the veins for maintaining body mass
  • Drains and catheters – drains are used to remove excess fluid or blood from the body; whereas a catheter is a tube which is inserted into the bladder to drain urine.
  • Epidural Catheter – it is a thin and flexible tube which is inserted into the spine and tunneled to the skin. Patients receive medications through this line, these medications stop the nerves in the spinal from sensing pain.

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