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DMG Silagum Light Body AM 2*


Quick Overview

* Silagum Putty -
* Easy dosage
* Excellent recovery after deformation
* Easy removal from mouth
* Expectional kneadability
* Good dimensional stability
* Especially suited for two-phase impressions with Silagum-Light/Fast
* Silagum - Light
* Good hydrophilic properties
* Flowable viscosity
* Available as normal or fast setting material

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Specifications :
* Pre-impression material (Silagum-Putty) and correction impression material (Silagum-Light) based on A-silicones for all two-phase impression techniques. Silagum-Light is available in the Automix cartridge and as a hand-mixed variant.
* Proven correction material based on VPS
* The use of Silagum-Light as the second phase of the correction technique or the double mixing technique ensures a precise impression of the marginal area of the preparation. Silagum-Light exhibits a convenient viscosity that simplifies the application, but at the same time ensures safe handling by the user.
* Addition curing vinyl polysiloxanes, hydrogen polysiloxanes, fillers, pigments, additives, platinum catalyst

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