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Doctroid Adult Vein Finder : Vein -SEE-ECO


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Features : * Pocket Device, Indias reputed vein finder manufacturer . Easy to transport Optimal area of illumination3 - Difference Intensity Modes Works on all age patients Works on dark and light skin tones Rechargeable Battery with charger Vein-SEE is a vein finder(Adult vein finder , Adult vein locater,vein tracer, v touch vein viewer ,O Shape Vein Viewer, Pediatic Vein Viewer,Pediatric Vein Finder ,Pediatric Vein Locater ), Useful to visualize vein, products are designed to enable medical professionals to perform easy, fast vein access.
* Vein-SEE, A pocket-sized, handheld device helps practitioners fast locate veins for venipuncture and Fewer IV Access Failures so increases their success rate with Vein-SEE access.
* The Unique shaped design stretches the skin for easy needle insertion and stops vein from rolling during access.
* It uses specific color led wavelength combination for better penetration into the skin thus easy find out veins.
* Vein-SEE leds which do not have IR anr UV radiation and there is no any side effect so It is very safe for all age of patient.
GMDN: 48040
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Specification : Dimensions : 110 x 60 x 13 mm8
Numbers of Leds3.7 volt of Battery
Pack Weight : 60 gm
* Adult vein viewer
* Adult vein locater
* Adult vein finder
* Adult vein tracer

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