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Dr. Cure - Vein Scan


Quick Overview

Features :
* VEINSCAN is such useful device for nurses and doctors, which is designed to help healthcare practitioners find veins quickly and clearly.
* This facilitates rapid access to veins in emergency situatons, when every second can count.
* and patients may be experiencing health problems which can .make veins difficult to find. can also be used Vein viewer to facilitate routine blood draws and other medical procedures, increasing patient comfort and procedure efficiency.
* These devices can work in several different ways.
* The classic VEINSCAN consists of a device with a very bright source of illumination which is held against the skin to literally light up the veins, as they will show up in bright contrast to the surrounding tissue.
* In addition to custom devices designed to use light to find veins, doctors and nurses have also long used flashlights in much the same way, usually for a fraction of the cost.

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Specifications :
* VEINSCAN is the smallest and most compact version !clinically proven and very successfully Vein Find *LEO* device.
* O-Shaped Design:
* O-Shaped design and one super bright Light Emitting Djode(LED), in one color
* Superficial veins can be seen and accessed anywhere on the body
* With Rechargeable Battery

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