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Drager Ventilator Baby log 8000 (Refurbished)


Quick Overview

* Modes : Invasive
* Volume-controlled modes : ASSIST/CONTROL; SIMV; MMV
* Pressure-controlled modes : ASSIST/CONTROL; SIMV; CPAP (0-25 cmH20)
* General modes: Pressure Support, Volume Guarantee (maintains pre-set volume and pressure simultaneously),Leak Adapted Pressure Support

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* The Baby log 8000 stands for milestones in neonatal ventilation inner qualities your little patient will benefit from.
* The optional Pressure Support and Volume Guarantee functions, for example, bring a new dimension to ventilation therapy and facilitate the process of weaning a baby off the ventilator.
* Both features contribute to this ventilator s most valuable asset its ability to promote harmonious breathing.

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