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DRE LTV 1000 Ventilator (Refurbished)

Quick Overview

Features :
* Includes: Volume Control, Pressure Control, Pressure Support, Assist Control, SIMV, CPAP Modes, Variable Flow Triggering, Static Compliance measurement, and Auto PEEP measurement.
* Ease of Use
o Extensive patient monitoring capabilities and a comprehensive alarms package for optimum patient care.
o One-button operation
* Patient Comfort
o Variable Rinse Time
o Variable Sensitivity Flow Trigger
o Variable Flow Termination
o Variable Time Termination
o Leak Compensation
o NPPV Mode
o High Pressure Alarm Delay.
* Internal Oxygen Blending: An internal oxygen blending system for control of FIO2, whether connected to a high or low pressure O2 source.

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Specifications :
* DRE has partnered with Pulmonetic Systems to bring Pulmonetic's flagship product, the LTV 1000 ventilator, to Veterinarians and Animal Research Professionals. .
* The LTV 1000 is the size of a laptop computer and works on the majority of companion animals.
* The LTV 1000 does not require medical air as it draws in and compresses room air for blending.
* DRE offers this unique ventilator complete with graphics display, stand, and a one-year warranty.

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