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E-Connect S Endomotor with Built in Apex Locator

Quick Overview

Features :
•Working Modes :
•CW - Clockwise Continuous Rotation
•CCW-Counter Clockwise Continuous Rotation
•REC -Reciprocation Movement
•First-in-class cordless open motor with adjustable angles of rotation ranging from 30° to 370° for reciprocation as per user's need.
•The first-in-class feature of speed adjustment in reciprocation mode.
•ATC - AdaptiveTorque Control ATC manages the file stress in a smart way. When a torque limit is reached. Instead of going into reverse mode, motor reciprocates till the stress is reduced. Once back to below pre-set torque level, a file will again rotate in continuous rotation.
•Integrated mode features :
•Auto Start & Stop - Motor starts moving when the file enters inside root canal, and stops when withdrawn
•Apical Reverse -When the file reaches the pre-set apical reverse point, a user can define whether the file starts moving in a reverse direction
•Apical Slow Down -To preserve the cemento-dentinal junction and avoid file separation, a speed of motor slows down when a file is in the apical region

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Specifications :
•Rotational Speed Range 120 -1000 rpm
•Torque Range 0.5 - 4.0 Ncm
•Memory Programs: 11 (MO to M10)
•Battery Capacity: 1500 mAh

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