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Echocare Ultrasound (Sonography) gel blue


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* Water Soluble & Hypoallergenic
* Specially formulated to act as a coupling agent for ultrasound transmission.
* Reduce static when using a doppler.
* Acoustically efficient to transmit effectively the range of ultrasound frequencies.
* Our top-of-the-line, dye-free gel is the ideal solution for medical professionals who seek clean, unadulterated ultrasonic results.
* Nongreasy and stain-free gel.
* Easily removed with a napkin or toilet tissue after use.
* Color and Impure additives free gel that enables your ultrasonic equipment to perform at peak levels.
* Our transmission medium gives much more accurate and clear results.
* Our gels allow transducers to receive an optimal signal.
* Features and Benefits * Highly conductive, clear (bubble free) transmission. * Long lasting, low absorption  no need to reapply as often. * Smooth consistency spreads easily without running or dying prematurely. * Non-greasy, non-staining, water-soluble clear formulation. * Contains no salt, alcohol or fragrance. * Non-corrosive  will not damage equipment.

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* Echocare Ultrasound (Sonography) gel blue
* Physical Property of USG Gel:
1. Brookfield RVT Viscosity (20 rpm) 45000-55000
2. Product pH 6.5 approx
3. Appearance Clear, Transparent
4. physical condition: Gel
5. Constitution: . (a) a vehicle; (b) a chelating agent; (c) an anti-inflammatory agent; (d) a thickening agent; (e) a skin-conditioning agent; (f) a humectant; (g) a preservative; and (h) a neutralizer

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