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Fistula Needle

Quick Overview

* AV Fistula Needle allows Arterial and Venous access for patients undergoing haemodialysis.
* Flexible rotating wings designed for firm gripping during intuition and easy location, and coded for size identification.
* Needle with bevel edge with automated siliconization.
* Minimizes pain during insertion, maximizes smooth, laminar flow.
* UPS Class VI compatible kink resistant tubing.
* Luer has universal 6% taper that allows smooth connection with standard bloodline sets.

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* Fistula Needle.
* Available in single pack (A/V) or twin pack (A&V).
* Available with or without Back-Eye Needle.
* Available with Red, Blue or White Clamp.
* Available with 15cm or 30cm Tubing.
* Sizes available: 15G, 16G & 17G.

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