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Flamingo Flamistretch (Exercise Band) 127mm X 1.5m (Heavy Golden) OC 2229


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Some of the highlights of Flamingo Flamistretch are as follows:
* Available in 3 different resistance levels
* Resistance levels can be identified by colors
* Easy to use

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Size: Width 5 (12.7cm)-Length-1.5 mtr.

Flamistretch (Latex Exercise Band) is one of the superior quality sports accessories offered by Flamingo Health. This product is considered as an easy and affordable aid, which can be used to increase the strength, stamina and coordination of the user. Quality exercise bands are really effective when it comes to strengthen, tone, shape and rehab of the muscles.

Flamistretch can be used by people individually or in clinics as well. These exercise bands have become one of the foremost choices of the customers due to their light weight and portability. Moreover, they take up minimal room, thus, no hassle required for their storage. There are 3 progressive levels of resistance in Flamingo Flamistretch that help to accommodate the lightest to heaviest requirements. These are licensed to use the Thera-Band color sequence, so resistance level is easily identified. Flamingo has made available Flamistretch in 3 different resistance levels that can easily be identified by colors.

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