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Flamingo Flamistretch (Exercise Band) 127mm X 1.5m (Medium Orange) OC-2228


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Some of the highlights of Flamingo Flamistretch are as follows:
* Available in 3 different resistance levels
* Resistance levels can be identified by colors
* Easy to use

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Size: Width 5 (12.7cm)-Length-1.5 mtr.

Flamingo offers Flamistretch (Latex Exercise Band) in medium level in its series of sports accessories. These exercise bands are ideally used by the people to strengthen, tone, shape and rehab their muscles. Flamingo Flamistretch is highly demanded in the market as it is very easy to use and quite affordable. It is ideally used to increase the strength, stamina and coordination of the user.
Widely used by individuals for personal use and also in clinics, these Flamistretch exercise bands are extremely light in weight. All exercise bands take up minimal room and are highly portable, thus, these products are widely acknowledged in the market. In Flamistretch exercise bands, there are 3 progressive levels of resistance that can perfectly meet the lightest to heaviest requirements of the user. These have the license to use the Thera-Band color sequence for easy identification of the resistance level.

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