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Fogstar Powerjet (Ss. Tank Model) Fogging Machine with timer

Quick Overview

Features :
* Generates ultra fine aerosol fog with greater volume & area coverage capacity.
* An ideal tool for fogging disinfectants, fumigants, biocides, fungicides, sanitizers & pesticides.
* FOGSTAR POWERJET enables user to select optimum droplet size & flow control allowing to generate fine mist (1-3micron) and medium fine mist (3-10 micron) suitable for all types of chemical treatment.
* FOGSTAR POWERJET is ideal for aerial fumigation in operation theatres, laboratories, clinics, disinfection in food & beverage plants, disinfection in animal houses, pest control hospitality sectors etc.
* Ensures uniform coverage for spaces & surfaces, delivers quality treatment for large as well as small area.
* Saves huge labour & chemical costs as well as carries out faster treatment unthinkable with manual sprayers.
* Easily treats difficult to reach & inaccessible areas.

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o FOGSTAR POWERJET (SS. tank model):- With TIMER (0-60MIN)
o Power Supply: 220VAC. 50 or 60 hz

o Aerosols: Submicron size

o Spread & Reach: 0 ft. distance & 20.11. height
o Space Treatment: Upto 9000 cu. ft.

o Treatment of 100 sq. ft. area: 400m1. disinfectant solution

o Nozzle Assembly: Non clogging design Stainless Steel cap and barrel

o Precision Metering System: 0-80 ml/minute (Adjustable)

o Solution Tank & Lid: 5 Litre Stainless Steel Gr. 304 (Autoclayable) Liquid Filling Nipple - SS 30

o Silicon Tubing : Complies to FDA & USP CLASS VI.

o Machine Handle: Stainless Steel

o Mounting Ring : Stainless Steel

o Strainer : Stainless Steel

o Liquid Line Connectors : Stainless Steel

o Hardware: Stainless Steel

o Intake Air Filter: Uniquely designed Two layers for dust & fog separation

o Machine Weight: 7.2 kg portable. (with SS Tank set)

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